What is a Darwin?

A darwin is a financial asset based on a trader strategy. An investor can buy and sell darwins like a stock in Darwinex’s Exchange. For instance, you can buy our LVS darwin at 300 and sell it 3 months later at 312 having a 4% profit. More information here: https://www.darwinex.com/education/help/darwinexchange#what-is-a-darwin

Invest Requirements

You will only need to open an account in Darwinex. You need to send them a copy of your ID Card or Passport and a proof of residence (electricity, telephone, water bill…).

How to Register?

Step 1: Sign up as “Investor” with a username, email and password.

Step 1 in Darwinex

Step 2: Click on “Open Live Account” and fill your personal details.

Step 2 in Darwinex

Step 3: Upload your ID Card / Password and a “Proof of Residence”. Some regulators ask for signing additional documents (like CNMV in Spain).

Step 4: Once your account is aproved you need to fill a “Solvency” Questionnaire.

Step 3 in Darwinex

Step 5: Go to one of our Darwins (for example LVS) and click on “Trade”.

Step 5 in Darwinex

Is my money protected?

Accounts are regulated under United Kingdom’s laws (FCA). Your funds are held in segregated accounts and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).