Long Vision FX is a portfolio based on a set of several strategies with different currencies that has the aim of capital growth in mid-to long-term. Using strict parameters and a wide diversification of currencies and trading style, Long Vision FX gets a good drawdown control without sacrificing profits.
Long Vision FX usually has a positive performance in markets with strong trends. In fact, the best results come in periods of high volatility. The broad diversity of strategies and currencies can also take advantage of ranging markets.

Live Results

More than 6 years of Real Track Record. Check our Live Results.

Risk Management

All trades have Stop Loss. No Martingale strategies.

Automatic Trading

Our algorithms are managed by EAs on dedicated servers.

Major Currencies

No exotic currencies trading.

More Portfolios…

Same trading style, different settings.

Long Vision Indexes

Volatility breakout strategy on Stock Indexes: Nasdaq 100, DAX30, CAC40, SP500 and UK100.

Building Dreams FX

Reversal strategy: it open trades in the opposite direction on breakout movements.

New Trading FX

It is designed to follow the direction of movement breakout